There are many solutions out there that can help manage diabetes. Don't go old school. Use the technologies available.

I'm in the Apple camp, so I make sure that the apps and gadgets I use are compatible with Apple Health Kit, which is a fancy and secure way of saying they all interact with each other through the Health app on my iPhone.

My scale keeps track of my weight and Body Mass Index (BMI), and reports it to the health app.

Lose it! helps me track what I eat and what the Carb content and calories is. And sodium.

The One Drop glucose meter tracks my blood sugar levels and reports it.

The Apple Watch keeps track of my exercise routine and how much I move - and nags me if I look like I'm letting laziness take over.

One Drop
Lose It!

All of the above are products I've bought and used myself.

I'm sure some of these work with Android, but I have no experience with that.